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Created my own SSL certificates

Thought I should start off hosting on the right way and use SSL certificates on my new websites.
Found and it was a snap to start making SSL certificates and upload them to GoDaddy, even though the help files on suggested GoDaddy doesnt have an SSL Manager in its cPanel. Well it does in Asutralia as least.
Then added the Really Simple SSL plugin from and it works, mainly it works. Still have an issue that I think is related to the GoDaddy hosting with SSL not being configurable for the primary domain, this one.

Our 2003 BMW E46 convertible is for sale


Regrettably we are selling our beautiful blue convertible BMW as its just getting to be a bit small in the back seat for our growing kids.


Its sold to a young lady in Brisbane whose boyfriend is a BM enthusiast 🙂

New M5 engine exhausts inside the V

Submitted by actech to old drupal blog on Thu, 04/26/2012 – 20:07
Amazingly the new BMW M5 V8 engine reverses the normal flow of intake charge and exhaust flow. The exhaust valves send the exiting gases out into the middle of the V in the block and straight into the twin turbos also mounted in the V. (hard to imagine how they deal with the heat from the turbos there)

Driving is an art isn't it ?

Submitted by actech to old Drupal blog  on Wed, 02/29/2012 – 16:01

Occurred to me on the way home tonight that driving is a learned art. Some people think its just a basic skill to be learnt to get around in today’s society but its more than that. Some people can really drive and I don’t just mean racing drivers. Some people just shouldn’t have a licence. They mentioned it on Top Gear last night, some bloke in the UK had failed his theory exam for the British driving test something like 92 times !!!